Sunday, December 28, 2014

Simple Expense Manager - Android APP to manage your expense simply!!

Hey folks! These days it has become very difficult to track expenses, isn't it? Well for me it is!! As world has become so advanced, just a simple check on Google Play's app store gave me load and loads of options regarding applications of expense manager. I checked many but all of them were very complex! So came up with the idea of Simple Expense Manager!

Yet another application to track expenses??? Yes it is but i am sure this will make your life simple, much simpler!!

This application is not hosted on Play store

Now after reading the above note, you must be thinking why? So the answer is as any upload of application on app store requires fees of $25 and since i am giving this app for free and without ads so i was not interested in spending 25$. Inshort my application is totally free and without any irritating ads!!

Justified? If Not, then take pen and paper and track your expenses :P

Now Coming to the Application - Simple Expense Manager - Download 
Download button will get you the apk/installer of simple expense manager which can be installed on any android phone available in market at this point of time.


Let me give a short intro of features of Simple Expense Manger (SEM)

Making it Simpler, It has three Tabs i.e Debit, Credit and Commit

In Debit Tab you can enter those expenses which you have payed or you have to pay. Say you have to pay Mobile bill, Credit Card Bill or other debits along with expense date and payment date. You can also Schedule reminder using the reminder option available in the app.

Coming to the next tab - Credit Tab, Here you can track all those expenses from where you are going to get money. Like you are expecting your Salary on so and so date, Expecting money which you have given it to your friend and so on. Here also you can schedule notification and as well as there is a option to put a note incase of any special cases.

Now comes the third and final tab, i.e Commit - This Option is used when the transaction is completed. Like you were to give your friend ₹160 for the burger you payed for him. Once he gives you the money you can commit that transaction as complete. Similarly once the money which you have to repay like those credit card bills, mobile bills you have payed it then you can commit it. Commit option is useful if you want  to look back and see all the transactions overview 

There is a balance visible at bottom of the screen which calculates how much money you are left with or you will need to pay your debts. You can enter you initial balance to know and track expenses accurately. In settings menu, Update Balance option can be used to update you balance at any point of time.

Isn't it Simple? Debit, Credit & Commit???

The + sign at bottom right can be used to add a Credit/Debit Entry in to the application. Which also has other fields which will describe the transaction

As mentioned earlier, Scheduler can be schedule to alert/remind you for debit or credit of any transaction

Any special Note if required can be mentioned respectively for any transactions.

Do download and use this application and let me know your experiences/bugs if any. If you find it useful or even useless do not forget to mention/comment about it below.

If any new feature is expected, do let me know may be i can come up with newer version of app with that feature included! 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Flipkart's Journey from Best to Worst - Worst E-Commerce Portal of India

Flipkart, now a know name in e-commerce world in India! A small time startup of 2007 which started selling books with Cash on Delivery facility soon became so famous that now according to Alexa, #Flipkart is among the top 10 most visited sites of India.

The main reason for Flipkart's success in India was it's Prompt Service, Cash on Delivery and Awsome Customer Support. In this 7 years of journey of flipkart, right from book seller it became one of the biggest online mega store which sells almost everything right from Mobile to laptop, Clothes, Accessories, Home appliances, etc..etc.. to a never ending list of products.

Flipkart had a tremendous growth since 2007 and in last year 60.8 billion was the reported revenue! It was really very difficult to beat biggies like Amazon and become the best e-commerce portal in India. 

BUT BUT BUT... as revenue started growing the main USPs of Flipkart started detorating, As it became big day by day in terms of revenue, it's PROMPT SERVICE and so called CUSTOMER SUPPORT became WORST from best.

Disclaimer :- Each and everything written below is true to the core and proof can be provided for the same on request. The below mentioned review/thoughts is/are my personal experience with #Flipkart.

First of all Lets have some Statistics of my relationships with Flipkart. I do not exactly remember, but i am sure that i have been purchasing on Flipkart right from 2011. I remember the first product was book "Only Time will Tell " (Only orders of last one year is available under -> orders link)

Some Statistics

I had been a very big fan of Flipkart, I always used to encourage my friends to buy via flipkart. But since last six month Flipkart service has been worst! and the most worst nightmare was my last order on 17th September for Moto - G (Order ID :- OD40817118791)

Some more statistics for just one order with reference to above order id :-

  1. Total Days :- 24
  2. No of Calls to Customer Care (So called Priority Customer Support) :- 18
  3. Total Number of Closed Complaints (Closed from Flipkart end without any resolution) :- 5
  4. Total Duration spend on Customer care calls :- 300 Min +
  5. No. of time had conversation with Senior Executive on Customer care call :- 6
  6. No of Tweets on Twitter :- More 10 Tweets
AND What is the result of all above??????

Customer Care reply :- Sir we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused, We need to cancel this order and since this product is out of stock we will refund you money!

Sounds Interesting????

Yes this is what happened and no body cares neither Flipkart customer care nor Flipkart CEO Mr. Sachin Bansal! I even tweeted Sachin Bansal at his twitter handle @_sachinbansal, though i got a call back from customer care after 10 min of tweet but again the result was same robotic reply "We are sorry for Inconvenience caused......"

I would have not been in problem if customer care people would have reacted on time. Every time i raise a complaint, next day that complaint is closed and without any resolution or information,When i had interaction with senior customer support executive i always asked on what basis the complaints were closed. All they used to say is we are taking another complaint and we will resolve this in 4 working days. Again that complaint gets closed next day without resolution.

Why no one from Junior level to senior level acted or showed transparency to me what was wrong and why complaints were closed without resolution?

Flipkart was famous for it gud support and priority service now it is famous for worst service and support. You visit flipkart handle on tweeter @Flipkart and @Flipkartsupport you will find that more than 10-15 people are complaining at every minute. Just visit the facebook page of Flipkart and see the customer shouting at bad service of flipkart.

Flipkart is spending Crores on Full page Advertisement on newspaper and Lengthy advertisements on Television, if they would spend even 10% on customer priority and satisfaction, lot of customer can have smiling face while buying from flipkart.

Flipkart's monopoly of selling MOTO G & XIAOMI exclusively is forcing customers to buy from flipkart because customers have no option. Even people are aware of bad reviews of Flipkart but since customer have no option they go and buy from flipkart to be in the race to cusre about the nightmare of flipkart shopping experience.

Now since Amazon & Snapdeal both are partnering with various manufactures to get the products exclusively on their portal, Flipkart hs very tough competiton.
If #Flipkart does not look in to this serious matter seriously then soon there will be another name coming up and flipkart will become yet another shopping portal from top shopping portal.

Signing off.. Do let me know your experiences whether good or bad. I had very good experiences in past but since last few months it has become worst! Hope #Flipkart doesn't RIP in future!

Some snapshots of Conversation with Flipkart on Twitter. Just look how shamelessly even after 5 days they are saying that they are looking into this issue on PRIORITY!

I guess Flipkart should Hire some Engineers, so they could explain what actually PRIORITY means! :-P


Friday, May 23, 2014

Developing native Apps for Jailbreaked Windows Phone

Windows Phone loaded with Windows OS like Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 7.8, Windows Phone 8 and lately if news sources are to be believed then even Windows Phone 8.1 is also on cards.

One thing for which Microsoft should be appreciated is the security & stability of the OS of Mobile Phone, When compared with Android it is much much secure OS and is on par with Apple iOS in terms of Security.
But adding security had imposed lot of restrictions and thus you wont find much applications as compared to Android & iPhone on Windows Store.

You will never find applications like Task Manger where you have flexibility to see which applications are running on phone, what amount of memory are they using which you can easily do it in even the cheapest of android phones. So here is the idea by which developers can develop applications which would have not been possible with Microsoft's restriction.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fake Antivirus Software which themselves are viruses - Beware!

Guys in this world of advanced digitalization, it is very necessary to be safe from various network threats like Viruses, Trojans, Malwares, Spywares, etc…

Generally the user is not having much advanced knowledge to how to stay secure in this world of WWW. So he generally uses one or the other antivirus programs which in turn keeps monitor on the system to stay the user safe.

What is Antivirus and how does it works?

Antivirus is a software program which is built to monitor the user system for all the known threats. That means it has a database of all the known threats, when your system comes across any of such threats it protects you as it has ability to resolve the treat or if not possible to clean at least it can stop the threat to attack the user system.


Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Spoof your MAC address

Do you know that each and every computer/laptop having Network Interface Card (NIC) also known as Ethernet card has a Unique MAC Address?

What is the need and Significance of Unique MAC address?

MAC address also known as Media Access Control is a 48 bit hexadecimal key which identifies a machine of Network when connected to LAN/WAN. 

The Unique MAC address is burnt in the ROM of the Ethernet card. Whenever any request is sent on Network, The ARP packets contain IP address of the Machine along with the MAC address which uniquely identifies a Machine on Network.