Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sony Xperia C detailed Review - Indepth Analysis

Sony Xperia, the brand name! But do you think the brand name is worth expecting double the amount as compared to other non branded phones with same configuration and better features. 

Puzzled by what do i mean by better features when both the cell phones have same version of android? After to end up reading this you will definitely have the answer to all your questions

I wont give its technical specifications as it is available on many websites, just Google it and you have it. Incase if you feel difficulty in finding it you can click here to get detail specification of Xperia C & here for XOLO Q700.

1) Processor - Both the phone with Quad Core 1.2GHZ processor & 1 GB RAM, In terms of performance i find much much better processing in Xolo q700 than Xperia C. In terms of basic use with both the phone having same applications installed i found that Xperia C had lags of more than couple of sec for opening of contacts, settings menu and many more places. So inspite of same configuration, normal usage is much much better of Xolo q700.

2) Display - Both the cell phones has good display, No issue with display either of Xolo or Xperia

3) Camera - Xperia C has 8MP Primary camera & 0.3MP front camera while q700 has 5MP Primary camera & VGA front camera. In terms of camera Xperia C is no doubt a winner. q700 front camera is a real disappointment whereas primary camera is decent in good light.

4) Internal Storage - In terms of specification both Xperia C & Q700 both has 4GB Internal memory but here is a big drawback in Xperia C. Out of 4GB Internal storage 1GB is available for App Installation, 1GB for internal storage of Photos and music! The separation of App Space & Internal space results in very limited storage space available for Application.

Although Xperia C has capacity of installing application on SD Card but i have seriously found many issues if the application is installed on SD card which is generally not an issue when i have done this in previous xperia phones and as well as other android phone which has capability of installation on SD card.

Some of the issue which i found very irritating and Xperia support also did not responded or came up with the solution of it. It is not that only i am facing such issue, you can refer this thread many people using xperia c have this issue, following are some of those

       a) Personalization reset on every restart :- All the apps which are on SD card, their shortcut icons on home screens, widgets on home screens gets off on every restart. That means you will have to forcibly keep the application in internal storage if you want the widget or app icon on home screen.

        b) Email Accounts or any signup account reset on every reset :- If i have twitter account or any email account setup and the application/client i am using is on SD card, then on every restart i have to login again!

And many many many more such issue which you will find in Xperia C just because of applications not in internal storage.

4) Finally comes the features part, In the start i mentioned that Xperia C does not have some of most important features which the counterpart Q700 has it, following are some of those

        a) No 3G Video Calling! That means you cannot make 3G Video call from Xperia C which cost Rs. 20,000 but you can easily make a 3G video call from Xolo Q700 which costs only Rs. 8500

         b) Sim Management feature of Xolo is much better than Xperia C. In Q700 you can have an option of selecting the Sim for call when you are actually calling (Always ask) feature which is not available in Xperia C.

Also one of the most important bug in Xperia C is even though you have configured that Data should work from SIM1, while rebooting the phone if my SIM 2 gets network first than my SIM 1 then data connection automatically gets start from SIM 2. What a holy shit is this? If i have configured that my data should work from SIM 1, if SIM1 does not have network why it is automatically switching to SIM2, i do not have data subscription in SIM 2 and hence didn't notice this many time and resulted in bulky bill! :'(

        c) Some of the very good features like "Vibrate on call connect & disconnect", "Flip to silent" are missing which my Xolo Q700 had! There are many such features which half priced Xolo Q700 has but its missing in Xperia C.

5) Sensors - I do not know if its a problem with only my device or in general Xperia C has very bad proximity sensor. When i have to used keypad during call for some IVR, the screen doesn't show up! Even after pressing power button it shows up for few sec and again goes off. Definitely there is some issue with the proximity sensor used in Xperia C or may be i am having a defected device.

6) Battery - This is the 2nd thing apart from camera of Q700 which xperia C is having better one. Very good battery in Xperia C. Almost 1 and half day on average usage and one day of battery backup on heavy usage.

Even though the phone gives very good battery backup still i have seen that when battery comes to 30%, it takes only 5-10min to drain the battery from 30% to 5%. Again it could be some software/driver issue. Earlier i thought that i am having a defected device but many user of Xperia C have complained about this issue of battery. As compared to Xolo q700 its has very good battery.

These are some of the most important issue which makes me think more than 100 times that why do i go for a brand name with big hole in my pocket when i can get better phone with better features @ half price.

Final Verdict :- Rather than Camera & battery Xperia C has nothing to offer for which anyone should even think of paying 20K (even though i did this mistake :( ). If you want better camera there are other variant of Xolo Q800, Q900 and Q700i which are very cheaply priced as compared to this brand names and better quality and features otherwise XOLO Q700 is awsome!

PS : I am neither endorsing Xolo nor criticizing Xperia, I am just giving my reviews, but it is real disappointment from Xperia that they do not provide any support to the problems directly mention on their web forum itself.

Invest wisely on cell phones. Incase if i would have missed out any thing will keep on updating the post.

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